The images in this gallery are broken into seven different areas and chapters of the paperback version of “Dreamer of the Day”. It is our intention to produce a coffee table version of the book with over 130 images which will be disbursed through the book so as to match the storyline. We hope this will allow readers to enjoy the story and at the same time follow the photographic coverage of this most beautiful part of the world where most of the story takes place.

“TRIVENTURE” The building and cruising of 29-foot trimaran.

“HEART OF EDNA” Building, sailing and chartering. 50-foot keel boat.

“TAFUA” Building and chartering.

TAFUA being enlarged.

John and Jansnew home in Bayview

AUSSIE ONE Being built and chartered on Sydney Harbour

RUFFLES LODGE The building and running a 5 Star lodge