When we sold Ruflfes Lodge we had two Websites, one for the lodge and the other for Peppers. We had insisted on keeping ours when we joined the Peppers organisation and it was a good move. I made and added videos for every aspect of Ruffles divisions.Weddings,conferences,accommodation, restaurant and spa and my favourite “The three Helicopter lunch”.(We often had people up to Ruffles by helicopter for lunch). I bought myself a Canon 7D camera and a bunch of American fittings that made the camera easier for filming. With a good editingprogram, I really enjoyed myself. After we sold Ruffles the new manager decided having two websites was a waste of money and ours was discarded and destroyed. I was extremely disappointed it meant we wouldn’t be able to use our website to show off the lodge we were so proud of but with the wonders of YOUTUBE all the videos are still available with a link.

So here are three links. You can watch my favourite or all of them. After reading the book it will give you an idea of what a beautiful lodge we built.

Three videos made by John featuring Ruffles Lodge. Click on each link to watch the video< The owners villa< Three helicopter lunch at Ruffles Lodge< Ruffles Lodge accommodation types